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Ellinair suspendes operations

The tourist group Mouzenidis, which owns the airline "Ellinair" and the operation or cooperation of dozens of hotels across the country, filed last Friday a request for suspension of operation and protection by creditors in the Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki. "Help" is required from the government.

As a result, it has upset the tourist market of Northern Greece, where it "threatens" to leave behind unemployment and economic chaos, at the very moment when the hopes of hoteliers, especially in Halkidiki, had begun to rise.

The president of POX, Grigoris Tassios states that: "We are waiting to see how the situation will develop. We hope that the group hotels will reopen soon. "Besides, the group announced that it will soon resume their operation"

Boris Mouzenidis, however, seemed to be building his business giant so fast with big "openings" and many risks. The "market" has long been whispering and feeling insecure, but no one dared to speak openly about the danger of collapse that many saw coming. The revelation came with the sudden death from coronavirus of the group's founder in Moscow last March. Although his son, Giannis Mouzenidis, took over

In the summers, the Mouzenidis group employs about 3 thousand seasonal workers, while it has about 300 permanent staff. One can easily understand what this means for the workforce of the sector in Northern Greece, with such a degree of professional insecurity… An issue of insecurity, of course, also exists with the incoming tourism contracts for 2021.

Ellinair has a fleet of 4 aircraft 1 A319 and 3 A320s in addition to another one on order the airline hasn’t flown a commercial flight from its base in Thesaloniki in months .

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