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First UPS A300 with upgraded cockpit

Airbus delivered the first A300F to UPS with the new avionics upgrade the aircraft had been in France for almost two years . The manufacturer upgraded the cockpit avionics to be more in line with current generation of aircraft and this will extend the service life of the aircraft . The first aircraft was N173UP a A300 delivered originally in 2006 .I t arrived to TLS back in 2019 when it was re registered as F-WWSX and underwent testing and modifications .

The new FMS now contains a large database of global data which can be uploaded on to the aircraft in ten minutes. The older FMS needed almost one hour .

The new upgrade except of the new FMS also provides a new larger LCD screen for the PFD and ND , a GPS based instrument approach for airports without ILS , a new honeywell weather radar and more this combined provides lower maintenance costs and better reliability

UPS is now in progress of upgrade the remaining fifty-two aircraft in a MRO facility appointed by UPS . The first aircraft was re-delivered on the 21st of January on a ferry flight from Toulouse to Bangor .

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